Toscana Food Lover was born from the love for our land, Tuscany, and from the desire to bring the flavors of the Tuscan tradition directly to your home.

About us

Let’s introduce ourselves: we are Andrea and Lorenzo, two brothers born in the 90s who have been transmitted the love and passion for the traditions of their land, Tuscany.

The history of our family begins many generations ago, when our grandparents moved from a small fraction of the municipality of Castelfiorentino, Coiano, to the Empoli countryside, specifically to Cerreto Guidi.

One of our grandparents, Alfredo, was actually born as a gas station attendant, but deep down in his Tuscan heart he was a true farmer who has always had a deep love for the land and the products it could offer.

He therefore left his job as a gas station attendant, deciding to follow his greatest passion, spending his entire life working the land and cultivating olive trees, vines and cereals, producing some of the products that are recognized today as typical of Tuscany.

He first taught his children and then us grandchildren the importance of quality and craftsmanship in the production of food products.

Today, despite the generation gap and the various other opportunities that have presented themselves in front of our path, we, Andrea and Lorenzo, have decided to continue this path that is part of our history.

Passion for our Tuscany, love for the family, respect for hard work: these are the values ​​that grandfather Alfredo handed down to us when we all sat together at the large laid table after a day spent harvesting.

And these are the same values that we want to convey within Toscana Food Lover, bringing the typical products of our land directly to your home, products that are the result of hard work and passion for the Tuscan tradition of small local producers to whom we rely.

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Toscana Food Lover