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Tuscan Crostino Sauce

Manufacturer: Fabbrica Sughi Toscana

The Tuscan Crostino Sauce is a must in traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Additional Information
It is cooked by preparing a light mirepoix, preferably with fresh vegetables. Separately, chicken livers (cleaned and very fresh) are prepared and cooked in a pan over low heat. Add a generous knob of butter, chopped capers, some anchovy paste, salt and pepper (to taste). The whole thing (sautéed vegetables and livers) is combined in a frying pan to amalgamate the flavours. Then everything is blended in a blender by adding oil and blended until the desired consistency is reached. The final touch is to adjust the creaminess with a little butter. ‘Crostino Toscano’ is a speciality that has been on our grandparents’ tables for decades and is also very popular today. Enjoy it hot spread on toasted bread.

Chicken livers 58%, onion, carrot, CELERY, BUTTER, sunflower oil, pickled capers (capers, red wine vinegar – contains SULPHITES), ANCHOVIES paste, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, wine, salt, lemon juice, pepper.

All our products are without preservatives, thickeners, glutamate or other flavour enhancers. Gluten-free.

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Weight: 180gr


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