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Garfagnana spelt PGI

Manufacturer: Del Colle
Del Colle was a direct promoter of the establishment of the Cooperativa dei Colli for the cultivation of this emmer wheat, which was awarded PGI status by the European Community in 1996.
No soaking required. Cook for 30 minutes. It can be used for any dish in place of rice and pasta. It is filling, gives energy, without weighing you down. Suitable for soups with pulses, minestrone with pulses, cold salads, farrotti (risottos made with barley).
It is cultivated in an area of Tuscany (Garfagnana, Lucca) particularly suited to the cultivation of this cereal. Cultivated at an altitude of 800 m, this spelt belongs to the 'Triticum Dicoccum' variety, which differs from other varieties due to a coarser grain and excellent cooking firmness with grains that stay separated and dry.
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Weight: 500gr


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