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Extra apricot jam

Extra Apricot Jam is a product made according to a traditional recipe using and selecting the best products necessary to make this interesting mix. After careful and painstaking preparation and slow cooking, we obtain a tasty mixture with that typical aftertaste of this jam. Great for breakfasts, desserts or for kids’ snacks.

Additional Information
Our Extra Jams are made using only the finest fruit, sugar and a love of good things. Proper cooking at a controlled temperature keeps the structure of the fruit firmer and tastier. The process with which these products are obtained is the one used in ancient times by Tuscan housewives who patiently prepared jars of jams and jellies for family consumption in the colder seasons.

Extra apricot jam.

Ingredients: Apricots 77%, brown sugar, lemon juice. Gelling agent: Pectin

All our products are without preservatives, thickeners, glutamate or other flavour enhancers. Gluten-free.

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Weight: 320gr


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