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Wild boar Sausage

Wild Boar Sausage is made by combining wild boar meat with a small amount of pork, with spices including pepper and chilli.

This sausage is handmade according to Tuscan tradition and is perfect to be eaten either raw or cooked.

Salsiccia di cinghiale (wild boar sausage) is produced throughout Tuscany but, thanks to its strong, typical gamey flavour, it has conquered all palates and spread throughout Italy.

It is an excellence that is traditionally produced in pork butcheries, which are premises used exclusively for processing pork.

Here is a recipe with wild boar sausage

This is our favourite recipe, we have tried it and it brings out the best in this fantastic traditional Tuscan product.

Brown a finely chopped onion and add the wild boar sausage cut into small cubes, also coarsely.

Deglaze with a little white wine and when the pasta is ready, toss it in the pan adding fontina (or other soft cheese), Pecorino Toscano PDO and a little cooking water (in which you have dissolved 2 teaspoons of turmeric).

If you have it, also add some parsley while creating the creamy consistency.

Serve it with a nice glass of full-bodied, strong red wine, and we guarantee that this wild boar sausage will make you look great!

Thanks to us at Toscana Food Lover, you can have this Tuscan excellence, and many others, delivered directly to your door!

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