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Wild Boar Salami

Tuscan wild boar salami is made by adding a small percentage of pork to the mixture of wild boar meat, to make the consistency of this salami soft and even tastier.

In fact, without this mix with pork it would be extremely dry and hard to cut, as well as having too strong a wild flavour.

In the production of artisanal Tuscan cured meats like this one, the curing process is fundamental. After being flavoured with salt, pepper and other natural seasonings and placed in a natural casing, it is aged for at least 30 days at a controlled temperature.

This ensures that this sausage retains its classic gamey flavour but at the same time softens to make it pleasing to any palate.

How to eat wild boar salami

To eat this delicious wild boar sausage, we recommend that you cut it obliquely so as to obtain larger slices.

Or, you can prepare a tasty champagne risotto with wild boar salami.

It is also excellent in a nice mixed platter of Tuscan cold meats and cheeses, or much more simply enjoyed with a slice of typical Tuscan ‘sciocco’ bread.

Leave the skin on the part that is not sliced and store it in the lower part of the fridge to optimise storage of the sausage and keep its special flavour at its best.

It is precisely because of its intense and decisive flavour that wild boar salami lends itself to being eaten with an important wine, such as a Brunello di Montalcino or a Nobile di Montepulciano, perhaps together with some excellent Pecorino Cheese PDO.

Thanks to us at Toscana Food Lover, you can have this Tuscan excellence, and many others, delivered directly to your door!

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