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Tuscan Capocollo

Te meat used in Capocollo Toscano is exclusively from Tuscan pigs, processed in the traditional way, i.e. using salt, pepper and other natural flavourings, such as fennel.

Capocollo Toscano is then dried in rooms with programmed and controlled temperature and humidity levels.

After maturing for at least three months, this tasty Tuscan cured meat is cut into pieces and vacuum-packed, ready to be eaten.

The cut is from the upper part of the pig’s neck.

The technique of wrapping it in natural cloth and binding with hemp twine dates back to Roman times.

While spalla and prosciutto were reserved for the wealthiest Roman families, this typical Tuscan cured meat was destined for peasant families. As was the typical custom of the times, it was mainly flavoured with wild fennel, to remedy the excessively high price of pepper.

How to combine Capocollo Toscano?

The best combination for this fantastic Tuscan artisan cured meat is:

– With bread or a focaccia, and a tastier cheese such as scamorza or a milder one such as stracciatella di bufala.

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Weight: 650gr


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