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Sbriciolona Fiorentina

Manufacturer: Poggetto Carni

Among typical Tuscan cured meats, a special niche has undoubtedly been reserved for the Sbriciolona Fiorentina, a special Tuscan salami flavoured mainly with fennel seeds

The production of Sbriciolona sausage

It is a Tuscan cured meat, characterised by the fennel seeds that are added to the mixture composed of trimmings of prosciutto, guanciale, pancetta and pork shoulder that are minced together with salt, pepper and garlic, and stuffed into a natural casing.

Sbriciolona Fiorentina is left to age for about a week in a heated room, recirculating the air several times a day.

After curing for about 2 months, the product is ready to be eaten.

Sbriciolona Fiorentina or FInocchiona PGI?

What are the differences between Sbriciolona and Tuscan Finocchiona?

Sbriciolona Fiorentina remains a flavoured Tuscan salami, but unlike the Finocchiona Toscana, it does not fall under the strict PGI specification and has always remained free, so it can be varied by the hand of any Tuscan salami maker, although some basic ingredients remain unchanged.

That’s what makes this particular salami flavoured with fennel seeds one of the most distinctive of Tuscan artisan cured meats.

Sbriciolona Fiorentina: a unique Tuscan flavour

Your choice of your favourite Tuscan cured meat must include the intensely flavoured Sbriciolona Toscana. It goes very well with a slice of warm bread, so that it melts slightly.

One of the simplest and at the same time tastiest dishes in Tuscany is definitely toasted bread with typical Tuscan cold cuts.

Warm up the bread, put some pecorino toscano PDO cheese  and a teaspoon of pear jam on top.

Finally, add slices of Sbriciolona on top. Pair with a glass of red wine for a perfect lunch or aperitif.

Toscana Food Lover selects only the best in Tuscan artisan cured meats for you, and this Sbriciolona Fiorentina with fennel is a must on your table.

Because as they say in Florence, after the Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, there is also Sbriciolona!

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Weight: 800 gr - 2,8 Kg


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