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Salame Toscano

Salame Toscano is one of the oldest Tuscan cured meats.

Even Pliny the Elder, in one of his texts, remembers it as one of Tuscany’s excellences, saying in fact that it is the product of a land that is not only the cradle of the Italian language, but is also the place where the pig reaches its peak in terms of flavour.

Salame Toscano Artigianale is a sausage made by processing 2 main parts of the pig, the leaner parts, i.e. the shoulders and thighs, and the fatter parts, taken from the back.

Chopped and mixed together with the usual spices used in Tuscan salami, the result is a Tuscan salami sausage flavoured with salt, pepper and other natural aromas.

It is stuffed into a vegetable casing and aged for 20 days to 12 months.

After the first few months, the coarser salamis are treated externally with semi-finished fat, which allows them to be cured for longer, intensifying their flavour.

Salame Toscano Artigianale is a cured meat that is produced all year round.

This artisanal sausage, with its intense and pungent flavour, is perfect to be eaten with a slice of bread or pecorino cheese, and why not, even as part of a first course.

Our favourite recipe

Saffron risotto with Toscano Salame artigianale and pecorino toscano PDO.

Chop the shallot and brown it with a little butter, deglaze with a little white wine before adding the rice.

Toast the rice for a few minutes and add some meat stock.

A few minutes before the end of cooking, add the saffron (dissolved in a little cooking water) and the homemade salami cubes.

When the rice is ready, add a knob of butter and pecorino toscano cheese. Leave to cream and serve.

In short, we loved this recipe, but most of all we love our homemade Salame Toscano Artigianale.

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Weight: 800 gr - 2,5 Kg


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