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Rigatino Toscano

Manufacturer: Poggetto Carni

Pancetta Tesa, Pancetta Stesa or Rigatino Toscano?

Pancetta tesa or stesa and Tuscan rigatino are the same thing.

Pancetta tesa is also called rigatino because of the clearly visible stripes (riga in Italian) in the meat, due to the overlapping of the latter with the fat.

Rigatino Toscano characteristics

Pancetta is a highly appreciated typical Tuscan cold cuts due to its intense flavour and, compared to common pancetta, is obtained from the upper part of the pig, between the lard (the back) and the belly.

It is then salted, flavoured and aged for 30 to 40 days in a cool, ventilated environment.

After curing, the pancetta stesa is ready for consumption.

The resulting product is a Rigatino Toscano characterised by a sweet aroma of an ancient recipe, softness and delicacy thanks to just the right amount of noble, white fat veining.

It can be eaten either au naturel or cooked to accompany many recipes.

These are our favourites to enhance this magnificent cured belly meat

Pancetta tesa bacon in the kitchen

Pasta alla Gricia

Gricia is a variation of cacio e pepe pasta. We know that the original recipe calls for guanciale (pork cheek), but we are from Tuscany and we though this variation with our rigatino is just delicious.

Cook the Tuscan rigatino in a pan over a low flame, so that the fat melts and it slowly becomes crispy. Remove the bacon, but keep the fat that has melted in the pan

When the pasta is al dente, drain it and sauté it a few minutes in the pan with the fat from our bacon spread.

Now only two ingredients are missing, pecorino cheese and cooking water. And then creating that creamy consistency with the mantecatura.

Just a few ingredients, but with our top-quality cured pancetta, this will become one of your favourite dishes.

Buy your Tuscan rigatino online, choose Toscana Food Lover and we will ship it directly to your home in 48/72 hours in refrigerated packaging the best typical Tuscan cold cuts.

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Weight: 450gr


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