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Prosciutto Toscano PDO 18 months

This Prosciutto Toscano PDO is guaranteed by the Protected Designation of Origin, which places it among the most prized Tuscan cured meats.

Each stage of processing is regulated by a very strict specification that guarantees absolute quality and provenance from the Tuscan territory.

Crudo Toscano PDO Production

Prosciutto Toscano PDO is made from pork legs, which are chilled and then trimmed with an arc cut that leaves a fleshy frame such that, when the curing process is complete, no more than 8 cm protrudes from the head of the femur.

One of the most important steps is definitely salting, which is carried out dry, rubbing salt, pepper and natural flavourings on the surface of this artisanal Tuscan prosciutto several times.

The curing period must be at least 10 months for hams weighing between 7.5 and 8.5 kg and at least 12 months for hams weighing more than 8.5 kg.

Prosciutto Crudo Intero that is intended for slicing and packaging ages for a further 2 months. So 12 months if the weight is between 7.5 and 8.5 kg, and at least 14 months if it is over 8.5 kg.

The climate certainly contributes to the uniqueness of this Tuscan prosciutto. Temperate breezes and winds from land and sea characterise this area, which is protected from the Tramontana winds by the Apennine chain.

Curing of Prosciutto Crudo Toscano PDO

Prosciutto Toscano PDO is cured in true Tuscan tradition, and must last at least 12 months, but not before being flavoured with all those typical Tuscan aromas, such as myrtle, juniper, pepper and garlic.

the stages of curing recreate the various climatic conditions of each time of year, so that the consumer can always enjoy it.

But how do you get that unmistakable flavour? The pork legs are massaged with all those aromas and flavours typical of the Tuscan territory: juniper berries, garlic, salt, laurel, rosemary.

After curing, this whole ham is labelled Prosciutto Toscano PDO, which guarantees the quality and safety of each stage of production of this Tuscan excellence.

Buy Tuscan Cold Meats Online

This Artisanal Prosciutto Toscano can be purchased either whole (approx. 11 kg) or in a 2 kg piece.

We ship in specially designed refrigerated packages to maintain perfect preservation of Prosciutto Toscano PDO.

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Weight: 2 Kg - 11 Kg


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