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Prosciutto Crudo Stagionato Fior di Fesa

The Aged ham has an intense and slightly salty taste and is sold boneless in formats of 1.2kg and 3.2 kg in order to be eaten comfortably at home.

The aroma is that of seasoning and in the mouth leaves a balanced flavor between sweetness and flavor.

Its preparation starts from the thigh of the pig, which is salted and massaged to penetrate the salt.

Then they are washed, brushed and dried and then left to mature in rooms at controlled temperatures for a period of 9 to 12 months.

Excellent raw material, salt and time. These are the necessary ingredients to obtain an exceptional cured ham.

Its history has ancient origins and over time the processing techniques of the most valuable part of the pig have increasingly refined.

But how to recognize a quality aged ham?
First of all the color, which must not be too dark, as it would mean excessive seasoning.

The fat must be present, as it gives the ham the right softness.

Moreover, the slice must never appear dry or be too shiny.

Finally, the taste must be perfectly balanced, neither too salty nor sweet.

A perfect food from breakfast until dinner.
Great for a savory breakfast, but also to be accompanied by cheese and underbelly in an appetizer or as an ingredient in many savory preparations.

Recipe with aged Ham
cured raw ham q.b
homemade bread
Cherry tomatoes q.b
Tuscan extra virgin olive oil
Fresh arugula
Wash the tomatoes, cut in half, season with oil and salt.
After cutting the bread into slices, season with a little oil and toast in a hot oven.

Just remove the slices from the oven.
Put the burrata on each slice of bread, tomatoes, ham finely cut and decorated with some leaves of

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Weight: 1,2Kg - 3,2Kg


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