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Pancetta di Cinta Senese

Pancetta di Cinta Senese is a cured meat from Tuscan pigs of the Cinta Senese breed.

This makes it a unique typical Tuscan cured meat. Salted for about two weeks, and seasoned with various spices such as salt, pepper and garlic, Pancetta di Cinta Senese is then cured for about three months.

The uniqueness of Cinta Senese cured meats derives precisely from the conditions in which they are reared:

The diet of the Cinta Senese pigs consists exclusively of pasture grass, plus various forest tubers and supplemented only by GM-free Tuscan cereals such as maize and barley.

Pasture-fed animals develop a strong presence of marbling fat, i.e. small fat infiltrations in the muscle layer.

This gives Cinta Senese cured meats an extraordinarily tasty flavour as well as a meat that is very rich in good fatty acids (omega 3).

Pancetta di Cinta Senese is known throughout the world and appreciated for its extraordinary quality.

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Weight: 600gr


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