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Lardo Toscano Speziato

Tuscan lard is always obtained from the upper part of the pig, between the neck, back and sides, more precisely in that part of the fat under the rind.

It is this phase of salting, flavouring and curing that transforms the fresh fat into lard as we know it.

The best Tuscan lard must have a layer of at least about 5-6 cm, and this is usually only possible with very heavy pigs.

It should have a creamy consistency and this naturally depends on how the pigs were reared.

Indeed, as a typical Tuscan proverb says: “Porco pulito un fu ma’ grasso”.

Excessive movement of the pigs leads to more fibrous lard, which then affects the final consistency of the product.

In the Tuscan tradition, it represented a true energy reserve, thanks to its caloric reserve, for all the members of the family, capable of sustaining them especially during those colder periods of the year.

Today, it has become a much sought-after and prized cured meat, used very often in the kitchens of the best restaurants, precisely because of its unmistakable and much appreciated flavour.

There are also types of Tuscan lard that have acquired PGI and PDO certification.

We are talking about Lardo di Colonnata PGI, which can be purchased on our website, and Card D’Arnad PDO.

Recipe with Lardo Speziato Toscano

Our favourite recipes are the crostini with lard and dried tomatoes or crostini with lard and anchovies.

Baked lightly in the oven, to allow the lard to melt slightly, you will savour the overwhelming flavour of this spicy Tuscan lard and fall in love with it.

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