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Cured Pork Loin

The salting of cured pork loin is a very important step, as being one of the leanest cuts of pork, it must be done in moderation.

The Lonzino is then placed in a vegetable pork casing and aged for a period of about 2 months, so that it retains its characteristic delicate flavour.

Appreciated for its characteristic flavour and leanness, the loin of pork has a pinkish colour and very fine white veins of fat, which make the meat soft.

No nitrate is used in the production of cured pork loin, only salt, pepper and natural spices, which, when massaged for a long time, give this Tuscan sausage a flavour that is both delicate and strong at the same time.

This cured meat sausage is a true Tuscan excellence and is prepared solely with Tuscan pigs.

Once the vacuum pack has been opened, consume at room temperature and store in the refrigerator.

Would you like to make a tasty sandwich with our cured pork loin?

Accompany this Tuscan sliced meat with rocket, mushrooms in oil, salt, pepper, and two large slices of homemade bread.

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