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Boned Prosciutto Leg

Like any good product of Tuscan origin, this Boned Prosciutto Leg with its slightly spicy aroma and strong flavour is the result of the skilful mastery of Sienese and Florentine pork butchers who succeed in obtaining an excellent Artisan Tuscan Ham from a raw material of absolute quality.

We can define this Boned Prosciutto Leg as a perfect balance of flavours and an example of the highest craftsmanship in the production of typical Tuscan cured meats

Boned Prosciutto Leg: Production

Boned Prosciutto Leg is also known as Prosciutto Sgambato, referring to the procedure by which the bone is removed from the leg, which is cured for approximately 8-9 months

It is therefore a raw ham leg that has been cured for slightly less time than the curing time of a raw ham on the bone.

The result will be a milder flavour, compared to the more savoury version of the traditional whole bone-in Prosciutto Crudo.

Red in colour with pinker fat textures, the “sgambato”, as it is known, releases an intense aroma, the flavour is strong and assertive, accompanied by the characteristic aromas used during the maturing process such as pepper, salt and garlic.

With its balanced flavour, this boned prosciutto is handmade by master charcutiers in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

Sgambato: history and curiosities

The earliest records of salting of Prosciutto Sgambato date back to the Etruscan civilisation in the 5th – 6th century B.C. and then to Tuscany. It turns out that this practice developed in ancient Rome and was widespread, so much so that there is a Roman street called ‘Panisperna’ (panis=bread and perna=pork).

This leg of ham is perfect to be sliced and accompanied by a good Tuscan bread and a glass of Chianti wine.

Buy Whole Prosciutto Online

This boned Prosciutto weighs about 6.8 kg and can be purchased whole with free shipping.

We ship in specially designed refrigerated packages to perfectly preserve the Prosciutto Sgambato

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Weight: 6,8 Kg


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