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Aged Guanciale Toscano

In aged Guanciale Toscano, the percentage of fat is higher than in pancetta, making it a perfect sausage for the preparation of some of Italy’s characteristic dishes, such as carbonara or amatriciana.

The light lean veins running through this cured Tuscan guanciale give it a complex flavour when tasted.

The mix of spices used during curing varies according to the recipe of each Tuscan charcutier.

In addition to salt, rosemary, garlic and sage are used for this Tuscan cured meat.

Once seasoned and dried for a few days, Guanciale Toscano is cured for about 2 months.

Once the seasoning is complete, Guanciale Toscano is ready to be eaten.

Here’s a recipe using our Aged Guanciale Toscano.

La Pasta del Nonno


– 200g white onion
– 100g aged guanciale
– 25g Tuscan pecorino cheese
– 20g white wine
– 15g extra virgin olive oil
– 3g parsley
– 2g chilli
– Salt to taste

Slowly stew the finely chopped onion with a little oil in a pan.

In another pan, brown the aged guanciale toscano sliced into cubes or strips. Please do not overcook the guanciale, it must be soft but not hard.

As soon as it is ready, remove it from the pan but retain the fat.
Meanwhile, deglaze the onion with white wine.

Once the pasta is ready al dente, toss it with the onion and bacon fat.

Add a little cooking water and continue stirring in the guanciale, fresh chilli pepper and parsley.

Plate and serve with a grating of Tuscan pecorino cheese.

Did you like this recipe?

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