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Porchetta Toscana Artigianale

Manufacturer: Il Borgo

Porchetta Toscana Artigianale is made from a young pig.

Seasoned with a mixture of various herbs, salt and pepper, the porchetta is cooked in a wood-fired oven at about 300 degrees.

The slow cooking of porchetta is what makes it so special, the crust remains crispy while inside the meat remains tender and very tasty.

Artisanal Porchetta production

Once the pork is deboned and the excess meat has been removed, it is salted with sea salt;

After a resting phase, all parts of the whole piglet are massaged to remove the salt that has not been absorbed by the meat.

This is then spiced with a mixture of garlic, rosemary and black pepper.

Before cooking, it is tied: it is tied with a string so that the porchetta remains firm.

A food tube specifically sewn to the whole piglet allows the heat to spread to the inside and cook it evenly.

Cooking takes 5 to 12 hours, at a temperature between 160 and 280°C.

The last phase is cooling: the artisanal porchetta is placed in a special room at a temperature of between 10 and 30°C (for at least 5 hours).

This last phase is fundamental because it allows excess liquid to be removed, favouring the right crispiness and even colour of the meat.

Tasting the real Porchetta Toscana

Savoured warm, Porchetta expresses the best of its flavour with the aroma of its spices.

The fattest parts are also the tastiest. But it is the crispness of the crust that reflects the freshness of a true artisanal porchetta.

In good Tuscan tradition, it is usually served with bread and the crust, the tastiest part, must be tried!

If not eaten immediately, porchetta can be stored conveniently in the fridge. Just remember to take it out about an hour before eating it.

Is porchetta really fat? Yes and no

As far as the nutritional aspect is concerned, Tuscan porchetta is a very energetic and calorie-rich cured meat.

This is due to the presence of fat and protein, but contrary to what it may seem, the fat does not all come from the outer crust (the outer skin is mostly composed of protein).

The fat of the porchetta is actually located just under the outer skin, recognisable by its whitish colour.

Depending on the portion, 100 grams of porchetta is roughly between 300 and 450 calories of pleasure.

So enjoy this fantastic typical Tuscan sausage and buy your porchetta cooked in a wood-fired oven online!

History of Porchetta Toscana

Porchetta has a very ancient history dating back to pre-Romanesque times, but there are many claims to its paternity.

In Umbria, on the other hand, it is believed to have originated in Norcia, hence the term ‘norcino’, due to the fact that pigs were already being raised in the Romanesque period

There are also ancient traditions of a porchetta that originated in Campli, in the province of Teramo, in Abruzzo, while in Alto Lazio the history of porchetta dates back to Etruscan times.

But there are also the inhabitants of Ariccia, in Lazio, who claim the original recipe, when, in ancient times, the Roman nobility would travel to the hills of Ariccia where banquets were organised including this dish, which the Emperor Nero is said to have chosen as his favourite.

Artisanal porchetta online

In short, because of its unmistakable and overwhelming taste, the Tuscan porchetta has spread a little bit everywhere, always present among the typical Tuscan cold cuts at all the fairs, markets and street food in every Tuscan city.

Either the whole Porchetta (6.5 kg) or the slice (1 kg) are shipped in special containers to guarantee freshness.

We are already salivating and what are you waiting for? Buy your porchetta online at Toscana Food Lover!

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Weight: 1 Kg - 6,5 Kg


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