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Pecorino Toscano with black pepper

Manufacturer: Caseificio Nuovo

What characterises Pecorino Toscano is undoubtedly the link between the area in which it is produced and the dairy.

The particular characteristics of the land where the sheep graze, Tuscany, give the cheese its famous and special properties: colour, flavour, smell, texture.

The various climatic conditions, combined with the unique and special traditions of each dairy, give Tuscan Pecorino the thousands of varieties, nuances, tastes and colours that we know today.

The animals spend their entire grazing time outdoors, enjoying ample space.

By grazing only local grass and herbs, we can find aromas such as juniper, wormwood, scorzonera, etc. in the flavour of the milk and consequently in that of the Pecorino itself.

Known very simply as ‘cacio’ among the various producers, Pecorino Toscano comes in two variants:
Pecorino Toscano Fresco and Pecorino Toscano Stagionato, also known as soft or semi-hard.

How is Pecorino Toscano with Black Pepper produced?

For this Pecorino Toscano, we chose and relied on the historic Caseificio Nuovo di Poggibonsi (SI), which produced the pecorino with fresh pasteurised sheep’s milk, natural rennet, selected milk enzymes and salt from the famous Volterra salt pans.

Black peppercorns are then added to the curd.

The cheese is fresh and tasty and the black pepper gives it a very special flavour.

How best to pair it

We recommend trying two variants of this Pecorino Toscano:

– Simple and pure, in a mixed cheese board.
– Paired with a tasty, flavoursome Prosciutto Crudo Toscano: together they are a perfect match.

Accompany it with a glass of full-bodied, well-structured red wine or even a dry bubbly.

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Weight: 600gr


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